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This is the fifth chapter and now, it is time for Serena to experience the powers of 'The Mask'. What will see do 'Masked'? You will have to find out.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Sailor Moon, 'The Mask', Goosebumps, any of the characters, and/or anything/anyone that comes from these stories that end up in this fiction!

Note: Once again, there is going to be plenty to a lot of OOC (Out of Character) 'stuff' in this story.

'The Masked' Scouts

Chapter 5: Two Masks Meet

(The morning after Mina's night out; Back at Mina's home)

Within Mina's home, we find Mina, lying down in her bed, which is currently in a big mess, groaning as the sun gently hits her face from the window.

Mina moans out, sleepily, "Five more minutes..."

Just then Atremis' voice rings out, "Mina, wake up!" Mina yelps out as she snaps awake with the mask in her right hand and she gasps to see tons of gold and jewels in the her bedroom.

Mina asks Atremis, "What the? What happened here Atremis? Where did all this come from?"

Atremis says, plainly, "You don't remember? You dragged it from shipwreck across the world after you transformed into the green faced 'vixen'."

Mina says, stunned, "Wait! I remember!" Mina then looks down at the mask and she states, amazed, "Wow! I did all that." Soon after, Mina remembers what she did while 'masked' including some 'private time' with a male singer at the nightclub causing her to madly blush.

Atremis asks Mina, with a curious tone, "Did something happen while that 'thing' was influencing you?"

Mina says, with a mock innocent smile, "No! No! Nothing!" Atremis didn't believe a word that she said, but he decides not to push it.

Atremis asks, curiously, "Okay, but what are we going to do about this?"

Mina says, with a shrug, "Beats me." Atremis gives a sweatdrop at this. Mina says, with an amazed tone, "Man! I've got to tell Serena about this!"

Atremis says, with a plain tone, "Luna should know about this mask too." Immediately, Mina drops the mask on the bed as she prepares to visit Serena, not knowing the mask was shimmering.

(Later that morning; Inside of Serena's home)

Within Serena's home, we find Mina, fully clothed, Serena, age 18, and the two Lunarian felines inside of Serena's room as Mina recounts what happened with the mask.

When she is done, Serena can't help to laugh and Luna yells out, annoyed, "Serena! This could be serious!"

Serena holds up the mask and she says, with a smile, "Oh, come on, Luna! You can't really believe that this little ugly mask can do all that."

Atremis tells Serena, "That's what Mina thought before she turned wacky. And I mean more wacky that her usual self."

Mina says, annoyed, "Hey!"

Luna says, looking at the mask, "Well, this mask seems to have incredible powers. I dare say that it could rival your Silver Crystal, Serena. It seems it can allow the user to alter reality as he or she wishes."

Atremis says, with a plain tone, "It also seems to bring out 'inner feelings'. Stuff that you keep deep inside of yourself and 'makes' you live them out."

Serena says, drolly, "Don't go into some kind 'pyscho' stuff."

Luna tells Serena, annoyed, "Its psychology, Serena. And you didn't do too well in that either."

Serena says, annoyed, "Don't remind me."

Luna says, looking at the mask, "At first glance, it doesn't seem to be dangerous. But its power must be that. It is just an incredible power that brings out hidden feelings. With someone good, they might turn 'mischevious' like Mina and Lita, from what she told Mina, hopefully with not too much harm done. However, if someone evil puts on this mask and gains its powers... I'm not sure we can stop them."

Serena says, nervously, "Ooh, I didn't think of that."

Mina asks, curiously, "So, what do we do?"

Luna tells them, "Well, I think that we should call Ami and have her look at this mysterious mask and tell us what she thinks about it."

Mina tells Luna, with a smile, "Well, you do that. Atremis and I have got to go."

Serena asks Mina, curiously, "Why, Mina-chan?"

Atremis says, with a plain tone, "We need to figure out a way to get rid of all that gold and jewels before Mina's parents come home."

Mina says, with a nod, "It is a good thing that they are out today."

Serena says, with a smile, "Okay. See you later." Mina and Atremis then take their leave and head out of Serena's room to leave to get back home. Serena holds up the mask and she says, with a curious tone, "How can this ugly thing be so dangerous?" As Luna looks around, Serena sees it shimmer for a moment and she thinks, curiously, "[What the?]"

When Luna turns around, she yells out, seriously, "Serena, put that down! We don't know what it will do!" Serena yelps as she drops the mask on the bed.

Serena says, nervously, "Okay! Okay!" Serena says, getting to her feet and looking at the mask on her bed, "It just doesn't look harmful."

Luna tells Serena, with a plain tone, "Looks aren't everything Serena. You should know that with what we have been through."

Serena says, with a nod, "Good point." Serena says, with a smile, "Well, anyway, I've got to get going."

Luna asks Serena, curiously, "Why? Darien can't take you out on a date today. He has got a lot of studying and work to do." FYI: After Sailor Galaxia's and Chaos' defeat, Darien decided to stay in Japan to finish his studies.

Serena says, with a wide sly smile, "Yeah, I know that. But sooner or later, he is going to and I've got to get ready." Serena then giggles as she races off to do her shopping and Luna shakes her head with a sigh.

Luna says, with a plain tone, "I think that girl has only Darien and food on the brain. It makes me wonder why she is our princess." Luna shrugs as she prepares to call Ami, but she doesn't notice the mask shimmering again as she prepares to make the call.

(Early that evening; Back in Serena's home)

In the early evening hours, we find Serena returning to her room after eating her dinner. When she got home, she found that Luna couldn't contact Ami since she wasn't home and Serena took her sailor communicator with her.

Serena asks Luna, curiously, "Any luck?"

Luna says, preplexed, "No. Why wouldn't she be home? I don't get it."

Serena says, with a sly smile, "Well, I heard that Greg was supposed to return to town a few days ago."

Luna says, with a nod, "Ah. I see. Greg and Ami are quite close friends. They must have a lot to catch up on."

Serena says, with a sly grin, "Well, I think that they are more than friends." Serena then goes off to the closet and slowly takes off her clothes as she prepares to take her bath for the evening. When she gets the towel around her form, she can't help to glance at the mask.

Luna tells Serena, with a serious tone, "I'm going to try Ami one more time. Give me your sailor communicator."

Serena tells Luna, rolling her eyes, "Isn't it a bit rude to interrupt Ami's 'date' for a silly old mask?"

Luna tells Serena, annoyed, "Just give me it."

Serena replies, annoyed tone in her voice as well, "Fine." Serena gets her communicator and throws onto the bed with Luna. When Luna's back turned towards the communicator, Serena gets a mischevious grin as she silently takes the mask from the bed and runs out of the room. When Luna notices this, she looks to see the mask is gone.

Luna yells out, stunned, "Serena..." Just then the sailor communicator activates and Luna activates it causing Ami's face to appear on the screen. Luna asks Ami, "Ami?"

Ami replies, over the communicator, "Luna? Where is Serena?"

Luna says, plainly, "In the bathroom."

Ami tells Luna, seriously, "Luna, the mask that Mina-chan brought you! I already know of it! Rei-chan was the first to find and it was the first to 'transform' her! When I examined it, it did the same to me when I put it on!"

Luna gasps in shock and she asks, preplexed, "What happened?"

Ami says, with a major blush on her cheeks, "Something... embarrassing." Ami tells Luna, with a serious tone, "Luna! When that mask gives off a strange glow, you can't help to be compelled to put it on! And when you do, it transforms into some kind of 'green faced' version of yourself with the need to fulfill your 'inner desires' and needs. You just can't help yourself and from what I see, it activates at night! Is the mask with you?"

Luna replies, nervously, "Yes..." Luna thinks in her mind, nervously, "[Through not for long.]"

(Inside of the bathroom; A short time soon after)

Within the bathroom in the Tsukino household, we find Serena relaxing in a bathtub filled with warm water with a towel containing her hair.

Serena says, with a smile, "Ah! This is great!" Serena then takes the mask, which she put on the floor, and she looks at it causing her to say, preplexed, "I don't get how this ugly thing can turn you into a freak that can make all your dreams and desires come true." Serena thinks in her mind, with a giggle, "[Through I don't mind having the ability to do whatever I want. It sound pretty awesome!]" When Serena looks at the mask, it gives off a great shimmer and Serena, not thinking what she is doing, turns the mask over. When the inside of the mask shimmers brightly, Serena can't help but to put the mask on her face. When the mask touches her skin, the mask grabs onto her face. Serena screams out as the mask moves to envelop her mask and the instant that she blanks out, Serena's form spins around in a mini-torando as her transformation takes place. After a short time, Serena's form stops spinning and she has been totally transformed.

Serena's hair and hairstyle remain the same through a silver crown is on the forward portion of her scalp, the skin of her head and face down to the start of her neck is green, her lips are a plump, lushous, and beatuiful sparkling pink, she has golden crescent moon earrings on her green colored ears, she is wearing a silver dress that's glittering like diamond, held together by skinny strap over her shoulders that connects to the back of the dress which exposes the center of her back down to mid-waist level, her dress contains her huge cleavage which now rivals Lady Tsunade from the Naruto anime/manga and has perfect curves and lines, which can be, through not obscenely, seen in the dress, the dress is sleeveless, exposing her silky smooth and perfect skin with silver fingernails, the dress goes down to her kneecaps, but they are slits in the dress to expose much of her upper legs, and she has open toed high-heel shoes with six inch heels and exposing her glittering silver toenails.

Serena's still blue eyes see herself in the mirror and before she can say a word, a feeling of excitement comes over her and she says, with an uncharacteristic sly tone, "Ooh, I don't know what's going on here, but Serena likes. So, this baby does something to you. Well, Serena likes. And Pyro was so proud of her bobbies, but now, look out hothead!" Serena spins around and looks over herself, feels her now green face, and gives more and more excited, can't help loving her look more and more.

Just then a loud pounding comes from the bathroom door and her brother's, Sammy's, voice yells out, annoyed, "Hey, Meatball Head! What are you doing? You had better be not causing problems in there or I'll tell mom!"

Serena thinks in her mind, with an annoyed tone, "[Rotten brat. I may like the little squirt, but he needs a personality change when it comes to his big sister.]" Serena then gains a wide cartoon-like sly smile like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland as she takes a cartoon-like 'hypno-ray' gun from seemly out of nowhere.

Sammy's voice rings out from the door with an annoyed tone, "How long are you going to take Meatball Head?"

Serena replies, with a very sly tone, "Not long, squirt. Not long." Serena then starts to snicker like Muttley from Cartoon Network as she slowly heads for the door.

(Later that evening; At Darien's home)

At the door of Darien's home, we find it get slowly unlocked as we find a tried Darien Shield AKA Tuxedo Mask, age 22, enter his home.

Darien walks into his home, with his eyes mainly closed, and he says, worn out, "Man. What a day. They really know how to be slave drivers." When Darien closes the door behind him and he opens his eyes, he gasps to see his home totally transformed into a luxury room that only the rich can afford. Darien yells out, stunned, "What the?!" Just then he hears the door lock behind him and he turns to see our 'masked' Moon Princess at the door with huge cartoon-like locks containing the door. Darien asks, surprised, "Who are you?"

Serena says, with a mock pout tone, "You don't recongize me? I'm hurt, sweetie." Serena then displays her locket and she states, looking at Darien eye to eye, "Can't you remember what we shared and my baby blue eyes?"

Darien gasps as he immediately recongizes his girlfriend and he yells out, stunned, "S-Serena?"

Serena says, with a wide sly grin, "You know it, big boy! But before I can explain, let's get you out of those stink old clothes and into something... right for the occasion." Immediately, Serena spins Darien around with incredible speed and when he stops spinning, he gasps to see his hair well-combined from being a mess a second ago and he is wearing one of the best tuxedos that you have ever seen. Serena says, with a very seductive tone that's totally unlike her, "Much better." Just then the phone rings and Serena says, giving an annoyed expression, "Darn it! Luna! Must be trying to 'warn you' that I'm 'possessed' or something! Oh, please!" Serena snaps her fingers and the phone gets locked in multiple boxes before it goes into a large safe which seemly locks itself shut causing Serena to give a large Cheshire Cat grin.

Darien thinks in his mind, stunned, "[What?! How did Serena do that?]" But before he can think anymore, Darien is then dragged by Serena onto the couch in which she sits seductively on his lips.

Serena tells Darien, with a seductive sly tone, "Watch and learn sweetie." Serena then snaps her fingers and the large television screen in Darien's 'altered' room comes to life starting show scenes of when Mina and Atremis came to Serena and Luna with the mask. As Darien watches, he witness the events that came before now including Serena's 'transformation'. And then he witness his 'masked' girlfriend uses her 'hypno-ray' on her younger brother and implanting 'suggestions' for him to be nicer to her as well as her mom and dad, but only to make her father more accepting her relationship with Darien and to think that she is on a date with Darien tonight.

When the 'show' is done, Darien asks, seriously, "So, this 'mask' did this to you?" Serena leaps off Darien's lap, spins around, and turns into a teacher's outfit.

She then takes out a stick, creates a chalkboard filled with various numbers, symbols, and whatnot causing her to say, sounding intelligent, "Very good, my hunky young lad. Based on my theory and calculations, this mask has the ability to 'alter' one based on their own inner desires, dreams, and needs by giving them seemly unlimited reality-altering abilities." Serena then spins around, causing the chalkboard to vanish, and Serena 'transforms' into a sliver bikini outfit causing Serena to say, with a very enticing sly tone, "And give a girl a great new bod. Don't you agree, my sexy prince." Serena then bends down causing Darien nearly to get a nosebleed to look at Serena's new cleavage. Darien goes to cover his eyes, but Serena gently leaps onto his lap, stradles him, and she says, with a very seductive sly tone, "I don't mind, my hunky prince. Take a look, take a taste, and then some. I have plenty to share."

Darien tells Serena, a bit nervously, "Sere', we don't know what this 'mask' is doing to you..."

Serena replies, with a very enticing tone, "I know what it is doing to me! It is giving me the time of our lives, my love! And I intend to make this day special!" Serena then passionately kisses Darien right on the lips causing his whole body, which was worn out before she kissed him, to fill with immense amounts of energy causing his cheeks to become red with excitement and his eyes to grow wide. Serena tells Darien, with a very seductive sly smile, "How did you like that kiss?"

Darien, who is breathing a bit more heavily since his whole body is filled with energy now, replies, excitedly, "I... I don't know! I feel so alive! My body is coursing with energy!"

Serena replies, with a very enticing sly tone, "Glad to hear it. You are going to need it. But for now... time for the show." Serena snaps her fingers and the room transforms into a huge stage in which Serena gently leaps off Darien's leap, onto the stage, and she spins around for a second. When she stops spinning, the 'masked' Moon Princess has only two large silver fans covering her form and only a pair of silver satellio high-heeled on her feet. Darien becomes really nervous as he realizes that his 'transformed' girlfriend is nude with only the heels on her feet exposing her excellent glittering silver toenails. Soon after, Serena starts to perform a very hypnotic and seductive fan dance with the two large silver fans. Darien tries to be rational, but he can't help to look at his 'masked' girlfriend dancing this fan dance.

Darien thinks in his mind, conflicted, "[No! I can't look... Serena isn't herself... But her dancing... can't look away...]" After awhile, Serena's fan dancing as come to end and the stage transforms into a bedroom of a 'love hotel' with a king-sized bed in which the bed 'opens' for people to get under the covers.

Serena then makes a motion with her head and body to tell Darien to come to her and Serena tells Darien, with a very enticing sly tone, "It is time for finale, sweetie." Just then Darien is teleported right onto the bed and he blushes to find he is only in a pair of black boxers with his well-developed perfect muscular form exposed. When he looks at his 'transformed' girlfriend and future wife, he gasps to see her come towards him without a article of clothing on her. Before he can do anything, Serena straddles him and she tells him, with a very enticing sly tone, "I'm a girl with very simple needs. A need for her man. You and I are going to get married and have that little tart, Rini, one day. So, why not get started? I'm all for you, my prince. My hunky prince." Serena then passionately kisses Darien right on the lips while molding her body to his causing Darien to become very aroused. His mind becomes clouded up and he can't resist embracing his 'transformed' girlfriend and returning the same kiss, which is filling him up with need and desire as well as love. He uses his hands to gently massage her back down to her buttocks while Serena massages his chest with her hands.

Darien barely manages to think, "[Not sure... But can't resist... Odango's kiss... her body... she's... wonderful...]" Soon after, Serena's right hand goes for Darien's boxers as the sheets cover the two of them up. Shortly thereafter, Darien's boxer fly from under the covers and moans and groans of pleasure and excitement come from under the covers from the couple and future husband and wife. The night was going to be long for both of them...

To be continued...

This is the fifth chapter of story. What will happen next in the next chapter? An incredible surprise turn of events! Later!
Well, things take an incredible turn as Serena and 'The Mask' meet up for the first time.

What insanity will ensue?
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